What the f**k? #Ukraine: #RightSektor and Odessa’s #Jewish community join forces for concert. Ukrainian flags spliced with Israeli flags

They sure put the Nazi in Ashkenazi LOL! :)

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SURPRISE! Person Who Wrote “Ban White Men from British Universities” Article is a Jew

Michael Slay
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2015

tom mendelsohn

Subversive Jewish parasite Tom Mendelsohn thinks that Whites should be completely banished from all British Jewniversities.

Earlier today, we reported on how prominent British Jewspaper The Independent published an article which explicitly called for all White men to be banned from British universities. The article – titled “White men should never hold elected positions in British universities again” – demanded that all White men be banished from all positions of power and that White men “bow down” to women and subhuman mud races.

The article’s author was listed as “Anonymous”, but the article noted that the author was a “British journalist”. In our article, we stated that the author of the article was almost certainly a Jew.

Guess what?

The author of the article is now confirmed to be Tom Mendelsohn. And yes, Tom Mendelsohn is one of G-d’s chosen people.  Mendelsohn is a Yiddish surname.  Tom Mendelsohn admits to being a Jew on his Twitter feed, and he delights in the fact that people are calling him out on his Jewishness.

screenshot-twitter.com 2015-03-28 14-38-15screenshot-twitter.com 2015-03-28 14-37-35

Is it ever NOT Jews writing these sorts of things? Ask yourself this, White man: why are Jews behind almost every single anti-White article, book, movie, TV show, organization, law, and ideology? Why do Jews label themselves “White” when it’s convenient for them, but then spew hatred against Whites by, for example, demanding that all Whites be banished from the universities that Jews run? Why is the SJW movement dominated so heavily by Jews, even though Jews are such a small portion of the population?

All of these things aren’t a coincidence, White man. The Jewish parasite is a hivemind, and it’s a hivemind that is absolutely determined to destroy Whites (the only race intelligent enough to pose a threat to Jewish power) and enslave everyone else under the iron fist of Jewish Bolshevism.

The hook-nosed vermin control the media in all White nations, and they will continue to use their control of the media in order to push an increasingly anti-White agenda.  That is, of course, unless Whites decide to rise up and finally expel the Jewish parasite once and for all.

Give this Tom Mendelsohn heeb a shout-out over at @Tom_Mendelsohn. Make sure to let him know that Whites are quickly waking up to the fact that Jews are responsible for the anti-White agenda.

The nation-wrecking Jewish swine are growing increasingly blatant in their anti-White rhetoric, as demonstrated quite well by this filthy yid’s article in The Independent.  How long will the Jews and the Jewish media be able to keep it up before Whites finally start to resist?


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Saudi and Israel are sisters By Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein

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Was Germanwings Jewish death pilot, Andreas Lubitz, a hate-filled anti German terrorist? Should his evil actions be attributed to Jewish hatred of Germans and other Gentiles?


The EKP decided to investigate this horrific story because certain very evil elements in the (cough Jewish cough) media tried their utmost to tie it to Islamic extremism. Zionist propagandists like Pam Geller in fact created a Facebook account showing Muslim sympathy for Lubitz-complete with Arabic text and imagery, in order to drum up support for war with Iran. That is how SICK these fiends are.

Compounding their evil, is the fact that the criminals controlling our media and minds, have tried pinning the Germanwings tragedy on Muslims in spite of the fact that Lubitz is a VERY Jewish surname!

This article needs to be seen for what it is – an alternate credible theory to the Zionist disinformation being peddled to us as fact.

There is also a small possibility that the Germanwings plane was flown into the side of the mountain by a force even more sinister than Andreas Lubitz, but that’s a tale for another dark and stormy night. For now, let’s dissect the Lubitz crash with the evidence available to us.

We’ve replaced conjecture with fact, lies, with more fact, and hatred, with the honour and honesty.

Regardless of what the ground investigation uncovers this will be truly important story as it will serve as a permanent counter to the disinformation being espoused by pseudo-conservative scum like Pamela Geller, Debbie Schlussel and David Horowitz. (see our Zions ugliest hags story here)

For weekly alerts on how you can keep your family safe and for news you won’t find anywhere else, please make sure to sign up for our FREE newsletter at the top right hand corner of this page before leaving us today. 1 million aware gentiles can’t be wrong.”

Giacomo Vallone, EKP Director

John de Nugent and Giacomo Vallone discuss Andreas Lubitz’s real motives

“When the Messiah comes”, right-wing Israeli author Ben-Eliyahu wrote, “Israel will reverse Hitler’s Final Solution.”

joao carlosn

Sent to us from Brazil by J. Carlos, who runs a historical site. Seems the world KNOWS

Sent to us from Brazil from J. Carloswho runs a historical site. Seems the world is WAKING up“Twenty, thirty atomic bombs on Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund and so on to assure the job gets done. And the land will be quiet for a thousand years….”

Those obscene words were in fact published in a major right wing Israeli newspaper only two weeks before the Lubitz incident took place.

Knowing what we know about Jews, was the psycho death pilot of Germanwings flight 4U-9525 an angry Jew with a 75-year-old axe to grind?

The name “Lubitz” is DEFINITELY J-e-w-i-s-h, and no amount of Zionist media lies will convince me this man had any link to Islam —  or that “depression” could propel anyone to kill 150 innocent people, including children.

Lubitz is a Talmudic Jewish surname used by many Jews of Ashkenazi Slavic descent. “The Lubitz family line can trace it’s history back to the days of the ancient Kingdom of Israel dating from 930 BCE–720 BCE and we find this family had mythological connections to King Solomon as noted in the Talmud.” (NL)

Josh Bonehill reported that “Andreas Lubitz visited Israel on more than 10 separate occasions in the last year alone. This is public information and can be found on Lubitz’ flight record by inquiring with GermanWings.”

Still, and quite remarkably so, Zionist parasitic opportunists like the aforementioned Pamela Geller are trying to capitalise on this tragedy and deflect from the fact Lubitz is undoubtedly a Jewish surname, by preposterously claiming the man was driven by Islam.

As stated earlier they’ve even created fake Facebook fan pages (with 1-2 likes) complete with Islamic writing to con gullible Tea Party types into believing their lies.

The Islamist angle will work until the powers that be spin this into a psychiatric issue, mechanism to criticise white males and lastly, to clamp down on more of our freedoms.

So what may have been behind the attack?

At the EKP we look at universal truth and ask the questions no one else DARE touch, when analysing data and formulating hypotheses.

So we ask: was this deranged Lubitz creature simply a madman with a pilot’s licence and/or convert to Islam as the Zionist media are peddling, or was there something FAR more sinister in nature at hand?

Could Lubitz’s actions be attributed to a Jewish hatred of the German people!

“We have all seen what Zionist-induced hatred can do to disenfranchised European males – merely think Anders Breivik and the 70 Norwegian children he killed at the behest of his Jewish masters.

I’m gonna kill me some kids because the Jewish media told me to!

Was Lubitz’s hatred propelled by a Jewish and in this instant, a virulent Marxist hatred of Western Christendom? Germany in particular? Even if he killed because he was depressed why take the lives of 150 innocent people? Killing 150 people you’ve never met can only be the product of pure unadulterated – a hatred that can ONLY be driven by ideology. ” Giacomo Vallone pontificated when he and I discussed this very important issue during one of our weekly pow-wows, late yesterday afternoon.


Twitter photo: The Jewish-named Andreas Lubitz, 28 and unmarried, at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, the mecca of American homosexuals. Slightly unusual looking for a northern German, this is the vile psychotic human turd who deliberately crashed the Germanwings jet, killing 150 innocent people.. a closet gay outraged at homophobia?? AIDS test came back positive? Revenge for the Holocaust? I’ll tackle this below.

EKP Director Giacomo Vallone continued: “It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if this was some sort of far Left Jewish mass murder. Lubitz’s disregard for the lives of those passengers tells me that ideological, probably Talmudic hatred was an integral component of his actions and thought process. It’s not like he simply lashed out at a few people he didn’t like and then took his own life. He perpetrated one of the most horrific mass murders of all time.

Scorned lovers often kill their lover’s families. They don’t take the lives of 150 innocent people.

And contrast the outrage we had at those Chechen kids that bombed the Boston Marathon, which was suspect at best, to the almost non-existent moral outrage the masses have exhibited when confronting the Lubitz mass murder.

The double standard is shocking.

Imagine if a black fella shot up an all white wedding killing 5  people, or a white man shot three blacks. We would all be hearing the term racist used-by different factions nevertheless, but race would certainly be on our mind.

Imagine the collective anger-fuelled by the Zionist media, we would feel if a Muslim terrorist killed one or two people.

Now compare this to how this story is being sold to us, and how people aren’t one thousandth as angry as they were after the Boston Marathon bombing or 9/11.

The lack of collective rage stems from the fact that the Jewish media is spinning this differently. The media recognise that because Lubitz was Jewish and phenotypically white, people won’t see religious, ethnic or racial hatred as motivation for the crime.

And that is wrong.

A right wing European or Muslim preacher sneezes near a synagogue and the world stops; a bitter Jew murders 150 innocent German people and it’s attributed to mental illness. Members of the far left are a danger to us all. Mark my words, we are going to see far more oppressed homosexuals, enraged blacks and Bear Jews going on killing sprees in the coming years. To know where they’re going to hit next Attacks on Syrian sovereignty, Libya, the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, pushing us into war with Iran, brainwashing of our people via Hollywood and now this atrocity. This is only the beginning of the Yinon plan….”(Again, to learn more about the Yinon Plan, and how it impacts your part of the world, I’d suggest people sign up for our FREE EKP alert at the top right hand corner of this page.)

John de Nugent, who originally thought Lubitz may have been Gay (original title) now feels (after reading this report http://news.yahoo.com/germanwings-crash-co-pilot-hid-illness-airline-050913689.html) that his pathology runs much deeper.

“This Jew was a total narcissist. The mainstream media claim he had a girlfriend…. true or not, who knows.. The powerful gay lobby certainly would not want it to come out that this mass murderer was a queer…. So he was suffering from serious depression, and said he would “someday do something so the world would remember him.”… As far as I am concerned, and unfortunately I have known queers much of my life, and bisexuals (having been molested as a kid) I maintain he could still be bi.’ The visit to San Francisco made me suspicious, and something bitchy, self-centered and whiny about him seems fem-gay to me — bitchy gay hairdresser-style.”

Pictorial evidence – Other well known Jewish Lubitzes

Very swarthy for a “Northern German,” here is the body-building effeminate modern male Lubitz — jogging in a 2009 marathon in Hamburg


As stated earlier, “Lubitz”, is as Jewish a name as they get, and post-WW2 Germany unfortunately now has over 119,000 Jews under closet Jewish chancellor Angela Kasner Merkel 


Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel in Israel 2008 Other notable Lubitzes: 

Robert Lubitz, litigation attorney with Kantrowitz, Goldhamer and Graifman


Adam Lubitz, actor at Columbia University, New York City 


A Steve Lubitz, found on Twitter — classic Jewish features


Spencer Lubitz, tv anchor (http://media.jrn.com/images/Lubitz_Spencer_new.jpg)  (who was actually tweeting about the mass-murdering Andreas Lubitz (a distant relative ?)


Anna Lubitz, Miss New York



Principal Ulrich Wessel said: “I hope I never again have such a day in my life as this.”

Germany France Plane Crash

Please leave us your thoughts below and again, to learn more about the Zionist Yinon plan and hatred of the Western European people, sign up to our newsletter at the top of this page. EKP, where TRUTH lives….

To contact or assist Giacomo Vallone please write to europeanknights@Europe.com

To assist John with his work please write to: JOHN_DENUGENT@YAHOO.COMTwitter at John de Nugent @johndenugentESA


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Another Life Changing Moment Caused By TGSNT Documentry

Full interview here : Laurence Easeman The People V’s The Banks, Cultural Marxism & Usury 

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“Them evil Waysiss Germanz” : For Free India – The Free Indian Legion

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Knowing the Enemy

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