What The Hell Is Wrong With African American People

The man has a point!

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Sneaky rat Jews on “British” Channel 5 TV try and sell BS about Jack the Ripper being a German sailor!

“Jack The Ripper: New Suspect Revealed”


The rat Jew again trying to blame the Aryan Germanic people for the wicked crimes against British women by the filthy Jewish race, divide and concur again in play here!

Learn the truth below, about the real suspect, the Jew, Aaron Komsinski.

Jewish Ripper – Ritual murder proven


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Shilova: While Ukrainians are distracted with the war in the East, the IMF are spiking up the prices

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Sheikh Hosein explains the Ukraine Crisis. Шейх Имран объяснил ситуацию на Украине: Евреи, СССР, Крым, НАТО

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UAF “Bison” falls off a BMP. A stroke of luck for the journalists.

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“They chased after us, we barely escaped.” UAF soldiers on their retreat from the Debaltsevo boiler.

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“Those conscripted to UAF were normal guys.” Interviewing civilians at liberated Debaltsevo. Feb. 19

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